My Services

Brand Writing

Your organization has a story and a heart that need to be heard. I can guide you through finding the words and images that will make your brand’s voice clear.



It can be hard to put your dreams into words, and to make plans that will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I can help you clarify your goals and start making steps towards achieving them.


My Design services are built to tell your story and are priced based on your needs and budget. I provide personalized design packages including logo, web, and print design.

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“David Draper’s best self is expressed through his writing. He is acutely perceptive, global in his approach to life, and an incredible team player.“

Paula Clouse Christian Counseling and Family Services

“I highly recommend David for his writing skills and his nuanced humor that draws me in every time I read his work. You won’t be disappointed.”

Brandon Hofer 13thFLOOR

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Jake Austin Shower To The People

“David Draper is the most precise communicator I know, with an innate ability to succinctly express complex concepts. He sets very high standards for his work and his strategic insight makes him a valuable colleague.”

David Liprini The World Needs A Father

“David’s thoughtful leadership is provocative and demands respect from any team he’s a part of. He’s deeply invested in and completely dedicated to any task regardless of its challenge.”

Warren Legrange O'mage

What other services do I provide?

Video Production

Video production is a key portion of any organization’s storytelling. Using this as a medium, We can communicate both the pragmatic and the emotional content of your work in enjoyable ways.

Email Marketing

Despite the growth of social media over the past few years, email marketing still remains king. I can help you to provide your most loyal supporters with targeted content they’ll love to engage with.


Whenever you communicate, there is a need for professional copy. Whether blogging, writing newsletters, press releases, or script I have a wealth of experience and success in writing high quality content.